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Here are just a few of the things that have been said!

From parents

We came to see Emma when our adopted daughter was having trouble sorting out her she was feeling about the changes in her life. Through Emma's sensitive and intuitive handling we have seen a huge change in our daughter. She was very chaotic and insecure when first starting the sessions, but Emma helped her express herself through creative play and allowed her to sort through things. We are very grateful for all Emma's help and support. She really has a wonderful way with our daughter and took the time to explain to us how she was helping and the progress our daughter was making. The sessions proved to be helpful and very enjoyable for our daughter. Thank you so much Emma.

Mrs R

Emma really helped my son to become himself again. After a very tricky start at school and a lot of life-changes, he was unsettled, angry and frightened. With Emma's loving and skilful support he grew in confidence and self-esteem, whilst his social skills and ability to self-regulate came on in leaps and bounds. He understood that the sessions were to help him and thanks to Emma's amazing rapport with children, they were the highlight of his week. His teachers noticed the difference immediately and he was a happy and relaxed child at home. We have recently had to move again, far from home, but I am delighted to say that he is taking it in his stride. Thank you Emma!


L has been able to cope and come to terms with the death of her dear friend with the help and support from you Emma. She was a credit to you and managed to be very strong at the Cremation and Memorial Service. Since the counselling she is more able to talk about her feelings and problems.

Mrs U

J feels more in control now. His teacher has not had to speak to me about him for some time and a lot of staff have commented on much calmer J is. We have noticed this at home too. J is a lovely little boy. He just needed a little help from you to deal with being that lovely boy again! Thanks Emma.

Mrs H

For the first four years of school my oldest boy had enormous problems controlling his temper. This seemed to stem from a variety of reasons - low self-esteem and confidence, various changes in his life as he went into reception and the slower development of his self-control emotion. This led to numerous exclusions, a school change and an unbelievable amount of stress for my wife and I. We dreaded the phone ringing during school hours and the school's number coming up. What had he done now? Our life at home was similarly disrupted with the household walking on eggshells around this explosive bundle of fury and aggression waiting to go off.

We tried many different things, to improve both him and our parenting methods, and though I am sure they all contributed to a slow improvement, it was through play therapy that the most significant and long lasting changes came about. Emma made an immediate impression on our son, who warmed to her and quickly felt a bond with her. He trusted and valued the privacy of the sessions, and over the course of half a term he transformed himself. The exclusions have stopped (having had three in ten days just prior to the play therapy starting) his self control has increased with his confidence and we have not had one phone call from the school for over a term. Our home life is 'normal' now - just the usual amount of stress and exhaustion from two energetic boys - and our son is a happier, funnier and more thoughtful person.

Mr O

On courses and training:

I liked the way Emma led the group and had planned all the activities. Her pointers were all very much to the point and concrete. It was a needed and refreshing experience.


I learned a lot on Emma’s course. I liked that there was lot of practical activity because you really get inside the minds of the child.

Sally A.

I liked the fact that I could set my mind free, and learn practical skills on Emma's course. She really helps you understand about empathy, but also the theory comes alive.


Emma is the best teacher. She makes things that you think are really difficult a lot easier to understand, and by doing the activities yourself, you can really experience a lot more. The fact we were able to play ourselves helped so much, better than lots of lecturing and theory!