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As a parent or carer you have a key role. It would help me if you can pass on as much information as possible about your child's past and present circumstances. We can do this in an initial meeting, or over the phone. Play therapy is a special time for your child, and for the most part the specific content of the sessions will remain confidential. Should the child speak of anything that may put them or someone else in danger, confidentiality will be broken. In such circumstances both you and your child will be informed that this will happen.

In the session there will be a large selection of play materials from which your child may choose. These may include art and craft materials, dressing up props, sand and water, clay, small figures and animals, musical instruments, puppets and books. I will enable your child to use these resources to express him or herself without having to provide verbal explanations.

Please resist the urge to ask your child what they did, as this will put pressure on them to comment on something they may have difficulty understanding themselves, which may be an important part of their own process. Please don't ask your child to 'be good' with me, or check they have been. Therapy is not about being 'good' or 'bad' and your child must feel free to express 'bad' feelings in an uncensored way.

  • Intervention may be between 6 weeks or up to a year
  • Sessions last between 40 and 50 minutes
  • Starting and finishing on time is vital
  • A contract will be drawn up and agreed with each parent / carer
  • Please ensure your child wears clothes that are washable / messy

I work within the BACP Ethical Framework and adhere to the policies as outlined by the BACP.

During any therapeutic intervention, behaviour may appear to get worse before it gets better - please tell me if you have any concerns. Please also feel free to ask me any questions throughout the process, whilst understanding that I will maintain confidentiality unless have cause for concern.