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As well as play therapy for children, I also offer other counselling services. I am a qualified counsellor (L4 Diploma) and have 5 years of counselling (talking therapy, as well as integrative arts) experience. I work mainly from a person centred angle which means you are in control of the sessions, though we may touch on some psychodynamic (the past) issues, or look at achieving goals in a structured way (CBT).

I work confidentially and collaboratively with you to help you look at your personal or work issues with new eyes and experiment with new solutions.

Typical problems that people bring to counselling may include low-moods, depression, feeling stuck or trapped, anxiety, stress, feeling unhappy at work, eating issues, over-doing drink, drugs, or other 'addictions', relationship issues (work or personal), family problems, bereavement, career dissatisfaction, or just a sense of something being ‘not quite right’ when you need a focus and an empathic ear.

I will listen to you, sometimes ask questions and will want to create a trustworthy and supportive relationship with you. I will be keen to understand the world from your point of view.

I will also want to work in a way that suits you – that helps you get the most from the session and that means you feel in control of the work being done.

We will constantly review our sessions and progress, and decide collaboratively when the work should end. There is no minimum number of sessions.

The first consultation is free - it is important that you find the right counsellor for you! I am always happy to talk informally, either over the phone or face to face about the process of counselling and to answer any additional questions you may have. If, together, we then feel that another type of therapy may be more beneficial, I will be very happy to re-direct you.

To chat further initially, do please contact me via phone or email.